GREED FIRE STAND: TYPE VX dedicated trivet.
Unlike the included trivet, you can use a more stable and large cooker by crossing it. In addition, firewood can also be set up, making it very useful during bonfires.

In addition, you can freely change the space of firewood by changing the crossing position.

Please use it according to your own camping style.

* When using, please make sure it is firmly attached to the edge of the bonfire.

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Black steel: SS400
Thickness: 3.2mm
Width: 310mm
Height: 95mm
Weight: about 1kg (set of 2)
Production: Fukui Prefecture, Japan

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After use, leave it until it cools down naturally and clean it up after it has completely cooled down.
Sudden temperature changes, such as pouring water, may cause warping or distortion.

After drying, apply a thin layer of edible oil, wipe off excess oil, and store in a case.
Store in a dry place.

〔important point〕
Be careful not to burn yourself.
If you pour water on it while it is hot, hot steam will be generated, which can lead to burns, so please be careful.
The weight of the bonfire stand is about 4.2kg.
Be careful not to drop and injure yourself when lifting.

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