GREED FIRE STAND: Side table for TYPE VX, this page is M size.
It fits just right on top of the bonfire, and you can use the bonfire itself as a table in the morning when you don't have a bonfire.
In addition, in the case of M size, it can be stored in a special tote bag along with the bonfire stand.
In addition to being able to be used by connecting to a bonfire stand, it is also possible to stand on its own.
For example, you can use the side table to cut the bonfire-grilled steak or place a drink on it.
It will be for enjoying the bonfire more.
*Shera cup is sold separately and is not included.
*There may be color unevenness in the material itself, scratches or scratches during processing.
Please be aware of this before purchasing

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Production: Fukui Prefecture, Japan
Material: black steel
Thickness: 2.3mm Assembled dimensions
Depth: 230mm
Width: 332mm
Height: 225mm

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Because it is a black-skinned iron plate, it will rust if kept wet or in a humid place.
For maintenance, wipe dry after use to remove excess water, apply a thin layer of cooking oil to the extent that it is not sticky, and store in a dry place.


At HYTIS, we provide highly expandable GEAR with the motto of "enjoying bonfires and camping meals and making them easy to use" with the motto "Let's have a 'great camping experience' through our products."

Choose the gear that suits your style and enjoy the bonfire and camping meals to your heart's content.

The table has M and L sizes. Please choose according to your style.
The table can stand on its own and can be connected to a bonfire stand. It is very convenient because it can be placed as it is, such as a hot frying pan or iron plate after cooking.

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