GREED FIRE STAND: A storage tote bag exclusively for TYPE VX.
Since it is made with a slight gusset, there is a little storage space in addition to the bonfire stand.
The tote bag itself is made sturdy by using a thick cloth with high strength, and the stitching of the handle of the tote bag itself is also long.
All the full set can be stored, and it is also possible to put pegs and peg hammers in the empty pockets.
In addition, pegs about 28-30 cm can be stored in the main part.
After storage, the weight will be around 5 kg, so please handle with care. *Do not swing the product after storing it, as it is very dangerous.
In addition, the logo and "May the bonfire be with you", which is a pun on a famous sci-fi movie, are printed.

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Fabric: Distribution
Production: Japan
Sewing: Fukui Prefecture
Length about 30cm
Width about 35cm
Gusset about 4 cm

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Because it uses distribution, it is easy to get dirty.
It does not affect the functionality of the product itself.
If you are concerned about it, you can remove most of the dirt by wiping it with a wet towel when cleaning up.

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