This sale is for the grooved iron plate only.

The 6mm-thick iron plate has high heat retention, making the steak meat plump and juicy! Vegetables are sweet and delicious.

Grooved near the edge for easy oil disposal.
Place kitchen paper or the like on the area where the oil has accumulated to remove the oil.

The dedicated titanium handle makes it easy to move.

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Material: SS400 black steel Thickness: 6mm
Width: 150mm
Length: 210mm
Weight: 1.4kg
Production: Fukui Prefecture, Japan

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[Seasoning (first time use)]
1. Thoroughly wash the entire iron plate with a neutral detergent
2. Wipe off the water and put it on the fire to completely evaporate the water.
3. Spread cooking oil on the whole and bake scrap vegetables. (Smell removal of iron)
4. When completely cooled, throw away the waste vegetables and wash thoroughly again with a neutral detergent.
5. Wipe off the water again and put it on fire to completely evaporate the water.
6. After cooling down, apply cooking oil to the whole and wipe off excess oil.
7.Enjoy the pottery over the fire

After use, leave it until it cools down naturally and clean it up after it has completely cooled down.
Sudden temperature changes, such as pouring water, may cause warping or distortion.
After it cools down, remove the dirt from the iron plate with the attached handle (for the flat part of the scraper and the grooved part for the grooved iron plate)
, wash with hot water (water) without using detergent, and wipe off the water thoroughly.
After drying, apply a thin layer of cooking oil, wipe off excess oil and store in the case.
Store in a dry place.

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