It will be a titanium net that is rarely seen elsewhere.
The material is extremely lightweight and has antibacterial properties.

As you all know, titanium changes color when exposed to fire.
Please try to grow the net by "putting the grill".

TITANIUM YAKITORI EDGE can also be installed as before.

TITANIUM GRILL SOLO does not have the HYTIS logo laser marking.
Since the cost of removing the mesh is slightly higher, we have reduced the price by removing the logo marking process.

-------------------------------------------------- --------------
Material: Ti22Titanium Pure Titanium Thickness: 1.5mm
Width: 160mm
Length: 220mm
Weight: 139g
Production: Fukui Prefecture, Japan
-------------------------------------------------- --------------
[Before use]
1. Thoroughly wash the entire titanium mesh with a neutral detergent
2. Wipe off the water and enjoy the pottery

After use, leave it until it cools down naturally and clean it up after it has completely cooled down.
Sudden temperature changes, such as pouring water, may cause warping or distortion.
After cooling down, remove the dirt on the net with the handle (flat part of the scraper), etc., and wash thoroughly with a neutral detergent.
After wiping off the moisture and drying, store it in the case.
Store in a dry place.

〔important point〕
If you pour water on it when it is hot, hot steam will be generated and it will lead to the danger of burns. Please be careful.
Netting with a thickness of 1.5 mm may warp or distort if a heavy object is placed on it. Do not put heavy objects on it.
The heat gives it a bright blue or purple color that is unique to titanium. There is no problem with hygiene.

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