Lightweight handle made of titanium.
The handle can be used to hold a griddle or net.

The main functions are as follows.

・Handle to lift iron plate ・Flat surface scraper ・Bottle opener

It is also recommended to attach a carabiner or a thick string to the hole.
It is possible to use a flat scraper to scrape iron plates and nets to clean burns and remove dirt from grooves.

It can be used for unusual storage, such as hanging iron plates and nets on racks.

-------------------------------------------------- --------------
Material: Pure Titanium Ti22
Dimensions: t2mm w55mm x h195mm
Weight: about 69g
Production: Fukui Prefecture, Japan

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[Before use]
1. Thoroughly wash the entire handle with a neutral detergent
2. Wipe off the water and use

After it cools down, remove the dirt from the handle and wash it thoroughly with a neutral detergent.
After wiping off the moisture and drying, store it in the case.
Store in a dry place.

〔important point〕
If you leave it set in the iron plate hole or mesh hole, heat will be transmitted to the handle and it may cause burns. Use heat-resistant gloves, etc., and be careful.
The food material such as meat and the groove cleaning part (jagged part) have a sharp angle. Be careful not to point it at people. Doing so may cause injury.
When hanging an iron plate or net with a handle hook, insert the hook firmly into the hole and hang it vertically after confirming that it is caught. Falling injury or burns may result.
If the iron plate or net is swung around with the handle hook hung, or if the hanging angle is changed vertically, it may fall off and cause injury or burns. Please be careful.
When suspending the iron plate/net with the handle hook and using the front hole (10mm diameter hole) of the handle with a hanger, etc., please use it at knee height so that it is not in a high position. It may cause contact injury or fall injury.
When using the bottle opener on the handle to open the bottle, be careful not to injure yourself if the jagged portion of the handle moves up and down.

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